Green Business strategies

Green Business strategies

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Climate change is a reality now. It is no more a distant future we need to prepare for. It is the time to act. Businesses of all types are high contribute to carbon emission and ozone layer depletion. The planting is heating up at a very dangerous rate. So we need to learn to reduce and conserve the usage of whatever meager resources are left in nature, reuse materials into raw materials with advancement in technology & recycle.

Governments have contributed to these factors by investing billions, yet why do we see only small changes? It is because every citizen of mother Earth needs to collectively change and work towards saving the planet from overheating.

Here are some ways to do so:

Review your procurement policies, and ensure purchased goods do not contain toxic.

Source for goods and services that are produced to promote sustainability. Designed to be repaired not to be thrown away.

Raw material and finished goods procurement are the base of a business. The businesses can make it part of their procurement policies to source raw materials and purchase goods that would be less harmful to nature. Ensure your products are made from recycled goods. For example, your packaging can be made to be either biodegradable or recycled by maintaining the quality. Go for more organic and vegan options so that it is free of animal cruelty and harmful chemicals. A written-down change of procurement policies can be easier to execute in real-time.

Website Development with customer Management Tools. Save business time working smartly.

When you set up your business, ensure you have a website with customer management tools purged in so that the customer can buy your goods and services from the comfort of their home and avoid traveling to physical stores. Travelling is also a great contributor to harmful gases that lead to global warming. When you have a CRM embedded in your website, the need to write don orders or print receipts on paper is eliminated, saving trees. Even Monetary transactions can be done online without the need for physical money. The need to rent buildings for a physical store, the maintenance and other resources spend can be eliminated and directly contribute to the green business initiative.

Save Energy. Powering down after working at the end of the day. To reduce your electricity bills. Protect your high-quality technology equipment.

97% of consumers go online to find local services, and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. Connect with them with local SEO services.


E2E is determined to make local businesses visible for a larger customer base in the region effectively through expert local SEO services. We use the top keywords that will GEo tag your business location faster than ever. Your business will show up on the first page of the search engine page making it easier for customers to find you plus reducing the need to spend long hours on the devices. Also, we ensure door delivery services so that our customers need not travel reducing carbon emission. We understand the need to have your phone and laptop working almost throughout the day to run the business. But to save electricity, it is ideal you may power down devices at the end of the day. It not only gives your devices a longer life span but also reduces the electricity bills. It is good for mental health.

Your customers are searching for your business—letE2E help them find you.

Reduce business waste Zero waste. Only print a document when necessary. Include this in your policies for new staff.

Marketing and promoting your business is very important to grow the business and also increase revenue. However, the traditional marketing techniques like large billboards, TV ads, high-quality packaging with your brand name, etc are very costly as well as use a lot of resources. We need to actively promote the businesses smartly by reducing wastage of resources. For example, billboards are huge and the material used cannot be recycled. TV ads take up a lot of manpower, traveling, electricity, and other resources which indirectly contribute to climate change. How about digital marketing which does not involve heavy resources. It's done digitally with menial investment and large returns. Also, eliminate the need for physical paper used for various marketing and promotion activities. E2E is here to help your business reacher a wider audience in a more sustainable way through digital marketing.

e-Commerce Investment- App

Invest in a high-quality website and a mobile application where your products and services are available to the customers within the comforts of their homes. Customers can purchase from your website Gero Tagging and local SEO marketing all help your business to show up on your custom search engine pages without the need to spend high amounts on marketing and campaigning. Concentrate your efforts on small and effective business development initiatives and GO GREEN by reducing the usage of resources.

Google Local Services ads are the most affordable home services marketing strategy. Found at the very top of Google on both mobile search and desktop search, Local Services connects your business with qualified customers looking for your specific services right now. E2E's Local Services ad management team will manage your entire campaign, from profile setup and optimization to setting bid strategies and disputing calls on your company's behalf.

Do not use excessive packaging

Packaging is an important part of reaching your products safely to your customer without damage. However, it is not mandatory that you need to use excessive packaging for extra protection. Go for materials that are sturdy, reusable, and recyclable. Avoid plastic packaging at any cost. Make it a policy that if your customers return the packaging to your company, offer them some discount coupons or crest points for the next shopping. This will encourage your customers to continue being loyal and long-term customers, as well as reduce waste.

Corrugated cardboard products, Reusable Packaging, Plastic / Multi-trip, biodegradable plastics, etc are some options for smart packaging options.

Advantages of smart and reduced packaging for the business:

  • Improved brand perception
  • Unique brand positioning in markets
  • Potential for increased sales
  • Customer satisfaction as it is easier to disposal/recycling of packaging
  • Cost reductions
  • Reduced costs returnable containers in the supply chain)
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Potential reduction in transit costs
  • Possible savings in storage and warehouse requirement

Ways you can reduce water usage on your business premises include: Advantages of saving water at work

  • Less water consumed = a lower water bill & lower energy bill.
  • Using less water reduces the emission of greenhouse gases released from collecting, treating, and supplying clean water.

How to save water and reduce water usage:

  • Monitor your water consumption
  • Do a water maintenance check
  • Don’t run appliances on half loads
  • Go for drought-resistant landscaping
  • Install water-saving measures Use a water-saving device in the toilet cistern
  • Check for leaks on your internal plumbing
  • Install motion sensors on sink taps
  • Install rain sensors
  • Investing in dripping taps
  • Installing low-flow toilets
  • Install faucet aerators in the toilets
  • Employ water suppliers for lower rates.
  • Make water conservation part of company policy.
  • Investing in a high-efficient pressure washer for cleaning jobs saves water and power usage as they are precise, fast, and easier to use.

Reduce Your Building Energy Footprint.

Net-Zero and passive construction methods that have super-insulated shells equipment with solar and geothermal systems to reduce energy usage by 80-90 % over standard construction.

Ways to reduce building energy footprint:

  • Adoption of renewable energy technologies like solar power to light and geat your building reduces energy consumption and cost in long run.
  • Source recycled building materials when constructing from green suppliers. who embrace environmentally friendly practices. Use recyclable pen and other office stationary.
  • Ensure that Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are regularly maintained and updated to reduce carbon footprint by avoiding wastage of energy. Get sensors that can measure air quality so that you may opt for smart ventilation systems which are more eco-friendly and reduce wastage of heat into the environment.
  • Lighting caused 40% of energy costs in a commercial building. Increase natural lighting options, use LEDs and other smart options to reduce energy consumption and bills.
  • Building’s carbon footprint is caused by supply, treatment, and usage of water. Use efficient water usage techniques to reduce wastage and usage of water. Also, go for greywater recycling techniques.

Recycle Electronics

When you run a business, you come up with a lot of electronic devices which are prone to repair and going out of service. These become e-waste and highly toxic to the environment. You need to reduce e-waste by donating your computers, laptops, monitors, and printers to Schools, Charities, or a bee business start-up in your local community, etc when you feel those are not good enough to run your business. Rather than stocking them away till the devices become useless, when you feel like upgrading, donate them. Many are happy to use your basic model devices.

Community Partnerships - Partner with Businesses in your local community to share resources and invest your business start-up grants in something tangible and sustainable. Remember you started as a start-up and have grown into a success due to the loyal customers and the community. Now is the time to give back by supporting green business initiatives which work towards an unsustainable future of our Earth. By sharing resources you are stopping the wastage of natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint dedicated to procurement and transport o the resources. When you invest in local sustainable businesses, you ensure that you are naturing more individuals who cab grow u to be a part of GREEN MOVEMENT to safe mother Earth. Start at your community to go global.

OUR CLIMATE CHANGE GOALS IS TO SUPPORT AT LEAST 5000 Businesses between 2022- 2030.


  • We are encouraging Agribusiness Start-Up.
  • Advocates for our customers, to ensure they can buy goods and services that us environmentally friendly.
  • Encourage agriculture businesses to follow government's guidelines.

What is green marketing?

Green marketing means selling products and services by highlighting environmental benefits. Businesses that follow these marketing are known as organic, eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable.


Our goals of green marketing:

  • Suggest and implement sustainable business practices
  • Demonstrating social responsibility
  • Reducing expenses
  • Show how safe and mindful products or services need to be for a better future for mother earth.

Green marketing can be done by going for:

  • eco-friendly packaging
  • producing recyclable products
  • use green energy for product production
  • manufacturing products from recycled materials to reduce waste
  • go for local sales to reduce carbon emissions due to transportation
  • introduce recycling programs
  • educate customers about the need to be sustainable

We introduce the Green marketing Techniques into your brand by:

  • Use ads to communicate your green message
  • Promote green aspects through content assets to your customers. use website content, blogs, social media posters, coupons for waste management, cold calls, retargeting, etc.
  • Do market research to help customers get the green message.
  • Cross-promotion with like-minded businesses
  • Focus on green production

Contract the E2E Companies for more sustainable and healthy business advice according to your business needs.


Green marketing is a great way of reducing footprint. Educate your customers about the need to be sustainable Cross promotion with like-minded businesses Market research to help your customers make good decisions

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