Traning , Staffing & Recruting

Traning , Staffing & Recruting

Firms trying to fill IT-related openings within their organization are faced with a nationwide talent shortage, driving increased competition for candidates with the skill set necessary to fill open positions.

Our IT talent acquisition team is made up of specialists in finding and delivering high-level candidates from entry-level helpdesk support roles to developers, to executive-level CIOs.


We match you with a dedicated IT Talent Acquisition Specialist who will educate themselves on your firm’s culture, values, and vision for growth.

This member of our team will serve as your dedicated hourly resource to guide you through the hiring process.

We work with you to determine the profile of the ideal candidate(s) you are seeking, and identify the corporate and educational backgrounds of those who have been successful members of your team in the past.

Once your ideal candidate has been profiled, we actively target this type of candidate.

Our Tools & Technologies, which includes Dice, LinkedIn, and IT-centric niche platforms and databases, enables us to source and find the top talent in your market, as well as directly and proactively target competitors and even specific candidates.

We screen and present the top sourced candidates for your position. Before you make the offer, we’re there to help further qualify selected talent, including options like pre-hire and personality testing. This will test both functional skills and personality traits needed to be successful within your firm’s corporate culture.

If you are a firm that fills multiple tech roles on an ongoing basis, we can build your Candidate Pipeline, providing your firm with top IT talent at the ready

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